Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working When I Can

It is now 1:49am & I am working away with my eyesight. I am making cards, drinking bubbly water, & waiting for the love of my life to get home from a late night being the good man that he is for us. Each card I make, I think oh I don't know about this one, there might be one in the middle that I really like, but for the most part I am not satisfied with the work I have done. I have made some blind & boy if those aren't something else. But no matter what they all are made with the hands God gave me. I really do put my heart and soul into each one of them and I hope the best end result comes to them. I am glad there is always room for improvement. I am glad that I am out of touch with my hands because that leaves me room to get things together and make things better. I would be bored if everything was perfect with no room for improvement. So things are the way they are meant to be for today. I will continue to do my best and put my heart into each one of them. Back to work I go, waiting for him to walk through the front door any minute now.

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Thank you for visiting! My name is Jennifer K. O'Hara. I have the rare disease of IH, Intercrainal Hypertention, which casues me to go blind. I became ill almost 4 years ago on my honeymoon. You can read more about my story at www.jennohara.com. I am a gal who has always worked hard & enjoyed working. Since I am unable to work now, I have come up with the online homemade web page & the goal to make a living through my creativity. I want to sell things to you to make you & those you gift to happy. Because I don't have my sight most of the time, it is taking me a little longer than I would like to get my items completed and listed. I am happy to report that I have many items listed at this time. You can email us at info@daintiedesigns.com if you would like to be notified with updates. I really appreciate you visiting us here & I hope you come back again. Just remember that no matter what; you can do anything. Life is meant to be lived & I am going to live it! I wish you the very best! Keep on smiling it really helps! Enjoy THIS moment - for it is really all we have.

Brendan & Jennifer

Brendan & Jennifer
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