Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week One - Daintie Designs Officially Opens

Daintie Designs Officially Opens

Brendan & I got our business license in November of 2007. 2008 - An entire year was spent on reading about being an entrepreneur, having an online business, & everything else you can imagine about starting our own company. Our first year was in the red & we paid our taxes to prove so! LOL

2009 - I stepped it up a few notches. I got going on setting up Daintie Designs website, learning about Etsy, and taking the actions needed to get these sites running. I completed our business plan. I could not stop thinking of DD, Daintie Designs day & night. My mind started going full speed ahead about products, supplies, customers, inventory, & so much more. My whole career before I became ill had been in order fulfillment in some aspect or another. It ended with being the Operations Manager for Muench Yarns, a yarn wholesaler. So I have the experience & the mind to make this happen, but I had my doubts.

After all the planning, spending money on supplies, way too much spending by the way, & getting all geared up to put some products online; it happened!

I use to dream about having my own card company since I have been a little girl. I have always loved gluing paper, cutting, and doing just about all crafting. I always wanted to sell my work, but instead I would love to make the cards and mail them to family and friends. I have been called the "card girl" many times. I never thought it would happen this way. That I would become ill, lose my eyesight, need more income to survive, and I would open an online store. This is my story and I love it. It's who I am today.

So the doors opened to Daintie Designs. In my very first week I sold more than 70 cards! I could not believe it. The orders kept coming in one by one. I was blown away! I still am. It will be a while, a long while, before the red becomes green, but I am on my way & I could not be happier.

Enjoy my website at DaintieDesigns.Become a fan on Facebook.

Find my online shops on Etsy, ArtfireZibbet, and Shophandmade.

Thank you for supporting Daintie Designs. Our goal is to make you smile or those you gift to. Enjoy THIS moment ~ for it is all we have.

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Mamasakio said...

It's so nice to read about the history of Daintie Designs. And what a fantastic start! Go for it, Jenn and the whole team!

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