Friday, October 30, 2009

Is there ever enough time? Is there ever enough room?

Well the first question is quite easy to answer. No. There is never enough time and there will never be enough time. This really hit home for me when my mother passed away over 5 years ago. There just isn't enough time to love, to play, to read, to work, to create, to listen, to talk, to hold hands, to garden, to clean, to fish, to think, to meditate, to just be. Nope there isn't enough time and there will never be enough time. One more minute with my mother would not be enough nor was the last minute we shared enough. So what I gather from all of this is make the best use of you time and enjoy this very moment. Those two things are the only things that can help me have the acceptance and surrender to the answer being NO! No, there is not ever going to be enough time.

Moving on to the second question. Now this is a little more complicated I think. I also think it depends solely on the person at hand. So I will talk about me. I want there to be enough room and I dream and maybe even believe that yes there is enough room, just not now. I could go room by room and the answer would be the same, but to different degrees and for different reasons. So I will concentrate on the wonderful studio, craft room, office, den, etc. It is the place where all my wonderful things that make me wake up and have a certain feeling that is hard to describe. They are things that I want to feel, touch, stare into, play with, simply use them to create something great. Why is it that there is so much room for the items, but not nearly enough room for me or anyone else to walk through the room or even sit down and create? There is this tiny space that keeps getting smaller and smaller for me to sit down and have room to do what I love, play with glue and paper and ribbon and all kinds of fun materials. My husband and many other people would say do not buy another thing. Point well taken. My answer, build a new studio!

Yes a new studio is on the way. It is going to be fabulous. I am off to dream about it for now....

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