Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Crayons & Coloring Book

Remember learning how to pick up the crayon and try so hard to stay between the lines of the coloring book? You would try and try and it would be so hard, but you continued to color.
Then you realized it didn't really matter if you stayed between the lines or not, it was about doing your best. You really were proud of what you colored. The crayons felt so good touching the paper and sliding across the page. You felt so happy inside to show off your piece of art. Well, the same applies to me today in many areas of life and I still love that feeling when I accomplished something and I want to share it with another person so I can have that reward of praise.
Lately I have been using my crayons. Being blind is a lot like this - a lot of trial & error. A lot of learning how to stay between the lines. So I have been teaching myself to do more & more blind with my work. I can make a complete card without my eyesight. It is really something to make something when you cannot see it then hours later have your eyesight and be able to see it. It is really a weird feeling. It really reminds me a lot of a grown-up version (with me having IH & blindness) of peek-a-boo. The strange thing is the "peek" lasts a really long time. The "boo" is most magnificent because I used my hands, my mind, my supplies, my creativity in the most amazing way; all hidden behind blackness. Then "boo" - hours later you see just what came of it all! Amazing how that works for me isn't it? I am even more amazed how I used my crayons and stayed in the lines! My very first instinct after seeing it for myself is wanting to show Brendan or Dad, or whoever will give me praise. My friend Shirley praises me a lot. I adore her for this. It is nice to have a friend and family members supporting you to use your crayons no matter what and to praise you even if you didn't stay in the lines. We all need praise. We all want that reward. I think it is only natural.
So here's to crayons and coloring books, peek-a-boo & all those who give me the reward in life of praise.

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